Start the Sailing Season with an original vintage poster

You may be wondering what sailing and a poster have in common, but when you see the Louis Vitton Cup Auckland New Zealand poster we have here at Nancy Steinbock Posters, you will completely understand. You can’t look at this piece and not suddenly be inspired to set sail !

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Looking for Something to Collect? Vintage Posters are Ideal!

Have you looked around at others you know and realized that everyone seems to collect something? Some gather stamps or coins while others collect toy trains and build a staging area for them. Some ladies collect dolls while others display spoons or shot glasses from various places.

Vintage posters are fulfilling and utilitarian collectibles.

It is nice  to build a collection in your interest. Firsts of all, it gives you that thrill of finding a poster that you  are  missing i.e. in a Pan Am collection—one to NYC with an actual  illustration of the Atlas Statue from the 1940’s –not just  a later photographic  poster—look under PLANES— To find such an example!!. Also, collections make phenomenal heirlooms, especially those that hold their value, which is why vintage posters are ideal.

Which Vintage Posters Should You Collect?

Here at Nancy Steinbock Posters, we offer a diverse selection of vintage posters, so there is something for everyone. You may want to choose a broad category, such as travel, literary or military, or ships, deco, American, circus,etc. You might want to opt for more niche-specific collections, such as Dennis the Menace, Red Cross, Le Bob Ton  fashion lihos. Take a moment and browse the posters we have available and see which ones you are naturally attracted to. You might find that you stumble across a few you remember as a child, and that may inspire the heart of your collection. For ordering information, please email

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Collect Every Dennis the Menace Original Poster

Without a doubt, Dennis the Menace is one of the best comic strips of all time.  Now that you can read the paper online, few people have the pleasure of spending a Sunday morning, rummaging through the comic section, just to find what Dennis is up to for the week. For many, this was a weekly routine for a long time. It was not uncommon to see his comic torn out and posted on the refrigerator with a magnet. With his sarcastic yet innocent personality, it makes it easy to love him. This is why a nearly anyone can appreciate an original poster of him. See out morale boosting posters under section children/animals

Buy an Original Poster or Collect All of Them

Do you have one favorite comic that stands out in your mind? Check our selection to see if we have the original poster for it. Are you looking for art for your media room, finished basement, game room or office? A collage of posters would be ideal! What better pieces of art to use in one of these rooms than those that will make you smile? For ordering information, please email

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Choosing the Right Frame for a Vintage Poster

Chances are that you have  spent a lot of time choosing a vintage poster for your home, especially if it is your first one. This means that you will probably spend an even longer amount of time trying to pick out a frame. You may be asking:

  • Should the frame be simple or detailed?
  • Is a thick or thin frame more appropriate?
  • Should the color of the frame match the colors in the poster or my décor?

Which Frame is Right for Your Vintage Poster?

You will quickly find that some frames can be as costly as your vintage poster. While you can splurge and spend a small fortune if you choose, you don’t really have to. The poster is so eye-catching that it will become such a focal point that few people will even notice the frame anyway. This does not mean that the frame should be an afterthought though.

Thin frames are nice, but wide ones can look great too, as long as they are simple. You do not want to draw attention away from the poster


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Travel Posters for the Outdoor Enthusiast

Do you have someone on your gift-giving list that lives for the great outdoors? This person does not plan a vacation to a tropical paradise or metropolitan city, they venture to parks where there is a never-ending supply of trails to bike and wilderness to trek through. Their idea of a good time is carrying their tent and everything they need on their back and just exploring. What do you buy these nature lovers and adventure seekers when their birthday or special holidays come around? Do you buy more outdoor gear? Chances are good that they have everything that they need! Why not opt for something unexpected and truly special, and shop for travel posters?

Which Travel Posters Should You Explore?

When you start browsing the travel posters that we have available here, you will find that we offer an extensive and diverse collection. You may want to choose a poster of a location that you know they have been to or buy one of a park that you know they would love to visit. We have Rainer National Park and Yellowstone Park, or you could always go with an Alaska poster, a state that offers thousands of miles of unexplored wilderness. For more information, please call 800-438-1577.

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Vintage Posters Explode in Production

A three-stone lithographic process was developed by Jules Chéret. This allowed artists to achieve nearly every color imaginable by using only yellow, red and blue stones. It was a difficult process but remarkable texture and color intensity with nuances and sublime transparencies were able to be achieved.

It was in Paris during the 1870s that poster production became the primary means for mass communication throughout Europe and America.

The Streets of Milan, Paris, and Berlin were decorated with  advertising art ,and by 1890, the poster craze came into full swing.

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Are You Looking for an Extremely Rare Vintage Poster?

If you are on a mission to find an extremely rare vintage stone litho–print  either for yourself  or someone else, you will want to explore our Les Affiches Illustrees collection. These mini-posters were first printed by Imp. Chaix in Paris in 1896. Only 1,025 prints of each one were made.

How Jules Chéret Influenced the Future of the Vintage Poster

You will notice that Jules Chéret is the artist for each vintage poster in this collection. With a very limited education, he started a three-year apprenticeship at the age of 13. In addition to his training, he spent much time in Paris museums, studying techniques of artists.

After spending time in London for more training, he returned to France, and began creating vivid posters for theaters, music halls and cabarets. Soon his work expanded to soaps, cosmetics, beverages, perfumes and even pharmaceutical products.

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An Original Poster for the Bugatti Lover

If you know someone who has or dreams of owning a Bugatti, an original poster that showcases this line would make an exceptional gift. Of course, if that person is you, then you don’t need to wait for a holiday or special occasion to buy yourself one. Not to mention, a poster is a whole lot less expensive than the real thing! We offer a stunning Bugatti Atlantic poster from 2000, done by the artist Razzia.

Why this is a Special Original Poster

Do you know that many people have never even heard of this French car manufacturer? This line was founded in 1909, and immediately became known for the unparalleled beauty their designs offered. Of course, since Ettore Bugatti was an artist, that explains a lot. Today, the name is owned by Volkswagen, but you can still find a Bugatti for .For ordering information on this exquisite poster that captures the beauty and power of this line, please email nsteinbock@comcast,net

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A Poster Original for the Book Lover

Do you have someone in your life that seems to read a book a day? This is someone who’s idea of a perfect Saturday night consists of a bowl of popcorn and either a new release or something unique, perhaps from the foreign or history section of the library. Yes, these are individuals who actually do have a library card, because electronic readers just can’t replace the look, feel and smell of a paperback book.

If this sounds like someone you know, why not consider buying them a literary poster original for their birthday, anniversary or the next holiday? Of course, you do not need a special occasion though!

Why a Poster Original?

Buying readers a book is generally impossible. You do not know what they have read, and if you ask for ideas, they will likely just make a mental note to check them out or buy them in the near future. A  literary poster ( original)  makes a unique and thoughtful gift .

Here at Nancy Steinbock Posters, you will find rare pieces, such as “The Race of the Swift” from 1905 and “The Peter Patter Book” from 1916. For ordering information, please email

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Travel Posters for the Sled Dog Enthusiast

If you have one Siberian Husky, or an entire team of them, you are well aware of their love for snow and their desire to pull, even when you are just hoping for a casual walk! What better piece of art to display in your home or mudroom than travel posters that capture the excitement of this exceptional breed.

Dog Sled Travel Posters for You or for a Gift

Here at Nancy Steinbock Posters, we have the 1936 Jungfrau-Jock (dogsled) poster by Weiss. A musher lovingly strokes the head of a Husky, most likely the lead dog, for a race well done. A chalet, snow-covered Swiss Alps and another dog team can be seen in the distance.

Travel posters look exceptional anywhere in your home or office. If you have someone on your gift-giving list who has a sled dog as a pet or competes with a team, this poster would make an exceptional gift. For ordering information, please call 800-438-1577.

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