A Poster Original for the Book Lover

Do you have someone in your life that seems to read a book a day? This is someone who’s idea of a perfect Saturday night consists of a bowl of popcorn and either a new release or something unique, perhaps from the foreign or history section of the library. Yes, these are individuals who actually do have a library card, because electronic readers just can’t replace the look, feel and smell of a paperback book.

If this sounds like someone you know, why not consider buying them a literary poster original for their birthday, anniversary or the next holiday? Of course, you do not need a special occasion though!

Why a Poster Original?

Buying readers a book is generally impossible. You do not know what they have read, and if you ask for ideas, they will likely just make a mental note to check them out or buy them in the near future. A  literary poster ( original)  makes a unique and thoughtful gift .

Here at Nancy Steinbock Posters, you will find rare pieces, such as “The Race of the Swift” from 1905 and “The Peter Patter Book” from 1916. For ordering information, please email nsteinbock@comcast.net

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