Are You Looking for an Extremely Rare Vintage Poster?

If you are on a mission to find an extremely rare vintage stone litho–print  either for yourself  or someone else, you will want to explore our Les Affiches Illustrees collection. These mini-posters were first printed by Imp. Chaix in Paris in 1896. Only 1,025 prints of each one were made.

How Jules Chéret Influenced the Future of the Vintage Poster

You will notice that Jules Chéret is the artist for each vintage poster in this collection. With a very limited education, he started a three-year apprenticeship at the age of 13. In addition to his training, he spent much time in Paris museums, studying techniques of artists.

After spending time in London for more training, he returned to France, and began creating vivid posters for theaters, music halls and cabarets. Soon his work expanded to soaps, cosmetics, beverages, perfumes and even pharmaceutical products.

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