Capture the Elegance of Motherhood With These Antique Posters

Once upon a time, all across America, every little boy and girl dreamed their day away as they were cradled in comfort in Whitney Baby Coaches. While strollers don’t necessarily inspire fairytales today, these coaches were magical back then. They appealed to women during the Civil War, stating that a quality stroller could promote good health as a baby rides in their carriage 400 to 700 miles in their first year. In fact, the title of their ad placed in The Telegraph on April 28, 1928, was “Help Baby to Health With a WHITNEY Baby Coach.” We capture how elegant these carriages made women feel in our antique posters.

Appreciate the Art of These Carriages in Our Antique Posters

Whitney Baby Coaches were essentially pieces of art. Modern day fancy strollers with a ton of features certainly can’t compare to the craftsmanship that went into these coaches. Whether you remember them or not, any mother can appreciate wanting the very best for their baby, which is why these antique posters are so popular. They make phenomenal gifts for mom as well. For further information on our collection, please email

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