Choosing the Right Frame for a Vintage Poster

Chances are that you have  spent a lot of time choosing a vintage poster for your home, especially if it is your first one. This means that you will probably spend an even longer amount of time trying to pick out a frame. You may be asking:

  • Should the frame be simple or detailed?
  • Is a thick or thin frame more appropriate?
  • Should the color of the frame match the colors in the poster or my décor?

Which Frame is Right for Your Vintage Poster?

You will quickly find that some frames can be as costly as your vintage poster. While you can splurge and spend a small fortune if you choose, you don’t really have to. The poster is so eye-catching that it will become such a focal point that few people will even notice the frame anyway. This does not mean that the frame should be an afterthought though.

Thin frames are nice, but wide ones can look great too, as long as they are simple. You do not want to draw attention away from the poster


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