Exchange that Wall Art for an Original Poster

People often spend a substantial amount of time searching for the perfect piece of art for their space. Sometimes, something simple, classic and completely unexpected makes the biggest impact and leaves the most memorable impression. Rather than breaking the bank on a piece of art that you are really not even sure is right for your space, why not opt for an original poster instead? It will be rare, special and will certainly act as a conversation starter with guests.

Where to Place an Original Poster

Just like a piece of art, placement of an original poster is important. That being said, anything seems to go these days when it comes to decorating. These types of posters are appropriate for any room in your home, but ideally, you will make sure that yours is at or just above eye level. Anything too high or too low can disrupt the flow of the room. The only exception is if you are creating a collage with several posters. Then, you will likely need to position a few out of that target line on the wall.

For example a pilot may want to create a collage with vintage airplane posters. This could be made of airlines or destinations, or even a little of both. In this case, they can be placed at random heights as long as you make sure each poster is straight when you are done.

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