Hershey’s Syrup – The Perfect Vintage Poster for Your Kitchen

Most people do not realize how long certain staple brands have been in business. Some things that children enjoy today were loved by their parents and grandparents at an earlier time. Hershey’s syrup is the perfect example. The package may have changed but the same great flavor certainly hasn’t.

If you are a parent, how many times have you made  a child’s bad day  just a bit more tolerable and calming  with the help of a glass of chocolate milk? If you are like most others, you likely learned this magic trick from your own parent. Remember how the taste of that sweet chocolate made everything better? This is why the Hershey’s Syrup vintage poster we have here is the perfect addition to any kitchen. You just can’t help but smile when you look at it!

Can You Really Put a Vintage Poster in the Kitchen?

Fair enough, you may be saying that the kitchen is the last place you would put a vintage poster. Why is this? If you are like most others, the kitchen is where the fondest memories are made, gathered around the table, enjoying food made from love and talking about the day. It only makes sense to have a piece of art mounted that is as warm, comfortable and inspiring as the room itself. For further ordering information on this classic piece, please email nancy@nancysteinbockposters.com.

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