Looking for Something to Collect? Vintage Posters are Ideal!

Have you looked around at others you know and realized that everyone seems to collect something? Some gather stamps or coins while others collect toy trains and build a staging area for them. Some ladies collect dolls while others display spoons or shot glasses from various places.

Vintage posters are fulfilling and utilitarian collectibles.

It is nice  to build a collection in your interest. Firsts of all, it gives you that thrill of finding a poster that you  are  missing i.e. in a Pan Am collection—one to NYC with an actual  illustration of the Atlas Statue from the 1940’s –not just  a later photographic  poster—look under PLANES— To find such an example!!. Also, collections make phenomenal heirlooms, especially those that hold their value, which is why vintage posters are ideal.

Which Vintage Posters Should You Collect?

Here at Nancy Steinbock Posters, we offer a diverse selection of vintage posters, so there is something for everyone. You may want to choose a broad category, such as travel, literary or military, or ships, deco, American, circus,etc. You might want to opt for more niche-specific collections, such as Dennis the Menace, Red Cross, Le Bob Ton  fashion lihos. Take a moment and browse the posters we have available and see which ones you are naturally attracted to. You might find that you stumble across a few you remember as a child, and that may inspire the heart of your collection. For ordering information, please email nsteinbock@comcast.net

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