Maxfield Parrish Original Posters – A Priceless Collection

Who was Maxfield Parrish and why are his original posters priceless? Maxfield Parrish was a renowned American painter and illustrator who used lithography. His illustrations and paintings were reproduced using photo lithography, in order to capture the tonality of the original artwork.  Parrish was one of the highest paid illustrators for books and magazines, which included Arabian Nights, Poems of Childhood, Hearst Magazines, and Harper’s, just to name a few.  He established a reputation as a skillful illustrator of fantasy, and was very meticulous when it came to the process of handling photo lithography reproductions of his work. One of his most popular poster ads was made for Ferry’s Seeds from 1918-1922.

Finding Maxfield Original Parrish Poster is a Rare Opportunity

Today, finding an original poster made by Maxfield Parrish is a rare opportunity, and owning a piece of his artwork is considered a great investment. He was considered one of the greatest illustrators in the United States, and his works are exhibited in museums all over the world. He only created a few series of posters, so there is a limited number available. Check out our newly added Maxfield Parrish original poster by clicking on the highlighted link. For more information, please call 800-438-1577.

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