Meet Edward Penfield -The American Master of Vintage Poster

Vintage poster collectors should have an extensive knowledge of the history and the artists that are behind every poster. In the United States, Edward Penfield is regarded as the originator of American Poster. He was also an art editor, illustrator, graphic designer, writer, painter, and mentor. No wonder many consider him to be an American Master. Penfield was well-known for creating a series of posters for Harper’s New Monthly Magazine.  He also created art works for Collier’s Magazine and Scribner’s. In 1925, The Art Center Bulletin described Penfield’s artistic style as having a “wonderful sincerity that never faltered and beautiful humbleness of spirit.” Since the early 19th century, many collectors have been fascinated with Penfield’s poster designs.

Harper’s Vintage Posters

Some vintage poster collectors purchase prints created by famous artists – which is a great idea for those who are considering putting them on display. An Edward Penfield vintage poster should be a part of your collection. We have several Harper’s vintage posters made by Penfield for you to choose from. If you have questions, please contact us at 800-438-1577.

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