Nature Serves as Inspiration for Art Nouveau Vintage Posters

During the 1890s, the international style for arts and decorations was called Art Nouveau, which means “new art.” The primary inspiration of artists during the era was the beauty of nature. The graphic designs feature intricate curves and free flowing asymmetrical lines. Artists, particularly Jules Cheret, featured the beauty of the female form in poster advertising to create extra appeal. Posters became popular, and people started collecting them as a fine art. Today, the Cheret posters, as well as other art nouveau vintage posters, are highly valuable.

Choose Popular Subjects in Purchasing Vintage Poster

One of the main factors you need to consider when purchasing vintage posters for your collection is the subject. You should research and find out the most in demand subject during a particular period. When browsing vintage poster collections, keep an eye on the name of the artists, and check the posters artistic achievement. Edward Penfield is the pioneer of poster art in United States. He established his name in creating illustrations for Harper’s Magazine. William Bradley is another popular artist in poster design. Vintage posters are great house decorations. They have historical value and a good investment too. You may set an appointment with us, if you want to view our vintage poster collection. Just give us a call at 800-438-1577.

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