Paying Tribute to Paddington Bear with an Antique Poster

Were you alive in 1958 when Paddington Bear made his debut? If not, it is likely that your parents or grandparents certainly were. Children’s literature was completely transformed by this fictional character that inspired imagination. If you did grow up with him, there is a good chance that he was a staple part of your bedroom routine. Why not bring back those cherished memories with a Paddington Bear antique poster? Alternatively, you could give one as a gift to the person who faithfully read you that story each and every night!

Who Was Paddington Bear? This Antique Poster Says it All

Here at Nancy Steinbock Posters, we have an antique poster that captures the essence of this popular character. There he sits in all his glory on his battered suitcase, wearing that iconic duffle coat and eating what he loved more than anything in the world, marmalade sandwiches. For further ordering information on this poster that boasts this legendary character, please email at

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