The Dark Side of World War 2 Propaganda Posters

Although China and Japan were already at war in 1937, the second global war officially began in 1939. It seemed as though overnight, World War 2 propaganda posters were plastered everywhere. Had people worked through the night to make sure that the message came across loud and clear? Posters boasted an inspirational, exciting and motivational tune with slogans, such as:

  • Are YOU Doing All You Can?
  • Give it Your Best
  • Work. Fight. Give.
  • We Have Just Begun to Fight

The Transition of World War 2 Propaganda Posters

Over 100 million people served in this war on some level. It marked significant events in history, including the Holocaust, and saw a death toll of more than 70 million. Some say that the Invasion of Ethiopia laid the kindling and the Spanish Civil War lit a match, but it was the Japanese invasion of China that created the fire.

As these times quickly proved how horrific this war was becoming, World War 2 propaganda posters transitioned to darker messages, including:

  • We Shall Win or We Shall Die
  • Idle Hands Work for Hitler
  • A Careless Word, a Needless Sinking
  • Beware, the Walls Have Ears

It does not matter if you were alive during these trying times or not, it is natural to want to pause and acknowledge the loss of such a substantial amount of the world’s population. These are posters that will remind you of how far the country has come and to not take the little things for granted that matter most. For more information on these historic pieces, call (800)438-1577.

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