The Olympic Games: Vintage Posters Selection Process

The Olympic Games is the most prestigious sporting event in the world. Sports enthusiasts cheer on their country’s athletes, which can be a great source of national pride. The host countries of the Olympic Games produce spectacular opening ceremonies, as well as posters. Vintage or new Olympic Games posters are interesting collections – artists enter a competition to create the final designs, and strict guidelines are part of the selection process.

The 1972 Vintage Poster Collection

In 1972, Germany hosted the Olympic Games in Munich. The event was highly controversial due to the September 5th atrocity prior to the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games. The basketball match between Russia and the United States was also memorable for many basketball fans. The Russians took home the gold medal amid controversy – the last point made by Alexander Belov in the final three seconds of the game was not counted by officials. The 1972 Olympic Games Basketball Vintage Poster reminds Olympic fans of the challenging and high adrenaline match between the American and the Soviets. You can find original posters featuring basketball and other sporting events in our online vintage poster gallery.


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