What is the Best Method to Preserve Vintage Posters?

Expert vintage poster collectors use linen backing or linen mounting as the best method to preserve their poster art collection. This conservation method provides stability and strengthens the poster by pasting it to a thin sheet acid free paper and light cotton canvas, using an archival wheat paste. This technique has been proven effective in minimizing damage & tear, and removes the wrinkles of old-aged posters. Linen backing makes it easier to handle and frame vintage posters.

Collect and Preserve Vintage Posters Based on Your Taste

If you are having trouble deciding which vintage posters to collect, it’s always best to consider your personal taste. If you are interested and passionate about a specific subject, you will be inspired to preserve the artwork and display it in your home for other people to enjoy and appreciate. Sports, wine, travel, and horses are all popular vintage poster subjects, and leave many people feeling happy and inspired. In fact, many people display horses in their homes (including sculptures, figurines, and paintings) because they believe it brings good luck. You might be interested in displaying a vintage poster that would bring good luck to your home. We have the St. Moritz (horse racing in snow) by Hugo Laubi. You can see this colorful and vibrant poster art in the Recent Additions section of our online gallery. For inquiries, please contact 800-438-1577, or e-mail mailto:nancy@nancysteinbockposters.com.

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