World War 2 Posters Articulates Women Empowerment

The artists behind the World War 2 Posters were extremely effective in rallying public support against the enemy. The posters also articulated the important roles of every woman to win the war. The propaganda campaigns strongly encouraged women to become part of the workforce, defend the country, or join the Red Cross to save lives. World War 2 Posters conveyed the value and strength of women – not just at home, but also at work and even during war.

World War 2 Posters

World War 2 Posters are popular because of their historical value. Some of the artists created unforgettable posters with striking subjects and powerful messages. These posters became icons and valuable collections. You can find some of these iconic posters here at our online catalog collection. Just send us an e-mail at, or give us a call at 800-438-1577 for more details.

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