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Nancy Steinbock Posters does not just offer American posters. In our sizable collection we offer many international examples, including French posters. Our site categorizes posters by their topic, and many of these categories include French pieces. We do not offer reproductions. Each poster in our collection is a verified original. As some date to the late 1800s, each is a treasured piece of history.

Aowing Trend

The use of French posters in décor is a growing trend among those wanting to inject a sense of mystery, romanticism, and sophistication into their homes and offices. Even those that cannot translate the text on the posters, and are unsure of the actual meaning behind them, are fascinated by these pieces. This intrigue echoes the draw of the European lifestyle, especially the carefree attitude of France. Many like the signature appearance of these posters, which differs dramatically from the American and other posters of the same time. Like propaganda and advertising posters, the French posters used for decoration are visual representations of cultural ideals, trends, and popular imagery of the day.

Types of French Posters

Our collection features many types of French posters. Particularly popular are the men’s and women’s fashion posters that illustrate the most “en vogue” clothing of the time, represented in colorful, avant garde imagery. The familiar exaggerated figures and unlikely situations of French fashion posters strike a cord with many, including fashion designers, models, and lovers of high fashion.

Among the rarest pieces we offer are the “Les Affiches Illustrees” collection. These posters are small in size and created with stone lithography. Printed in Paris by the renowned Imp, these posters date to 1896. Fewer than 1,030 of each design was created. Due to the age and limited release of these pieces, few still exist.

Our collection also features French examples of travel posters. These posters appeal to the desire of many to experience the lavish and beautiful country of France. Iconic imagery of richly-colored wine, and dramatically dressed women strolling the sunlit streets of Paris lure travelers. Today these posters make interesting decorative details, and are coveted by collectors of French memorabilia.

American Options

Though French posters are extremely popular for their exotic and fashionable feel, American posters can be just as intriguing and powerful. Our collection demonstrates the tremendous variety of advertising, propaganda, and travel posters that were utilized between the late 1800s and early 1900s. Like television commercials or billboards of today, each poster was created to appeal to a specific subsection of society. Whether this was the young man needed for military service, the wife looking for new ways to feed her family, or the child being drawn to the circus or fair, these posters spoke to a need or desire of the group to which they were directed.

Ordering Posters

Each poster in our collection is a genuine original. We do not present reproductions under the guise of being originals, nor do we offer so-called “special edition” prints. Those interested in ordering a poster seen on the site should call us directly for a price quote. Visitors or collectors in the Boston area are also invited to arrange for a private viewing of the entire vintage poster collection.


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