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An original poster with historical significance is much more than the words and images depicted upon it. When you purchase an original poster, you are purchasing a piece of something intangible that links us as Americans, and as members of humanity. Owning a poster, whether it is an example of military propaganda, a product advertisement, or fashion, connects you to a different time, and illuminates what is different about the past, but also what is the same. At Nancy Steinbock Posters we bring these pieces of art to casual and serious collectors.


An original poster is a personal purchase. We offer an enormous variety of posters, each an original, that appeal to the tastes, personalities, and interests of a wide range of people. These posters are a unique way to express your individuality, and your appreciation for the continuity of time and the things within us that keep us connected even as time passes.

Browsing our site you will notice the posters are organized into categories that allow you to narrow your search. If you know exactly what you are interested in, or what you aren't, you can choose to search only through those categories that appeal to you. Searching through the entire collection, however, may bring you to an original poster that speaks to you in a way that you don't expect.

Not just American or military in nature, our collection includes foreign examples, travel posters, sports posters, advertisements, and many others. Selecting one of these items can be an ideal way to tie together the d├ęcor of a room, feel more connected to a family member, or offer an interesting and meaningful gift.

A Piece of History

History is one thing that people share. As a nation we can be unified in the triumphs, trials, efforts and phases of the people that came before us. An original poster is a beautiful way to enhance a collection or display appreciation and respect. It is also a playful way to show an element of your personality that is closely tied to the past.

Many of the original posters in our collection deal with traditional ideals of culture, family, nation, and individuality. Though some may strike people as strange, or even comical, they also inspire a sense of nostalgia. Posters that show happily baking wives, angelic-looking children, or a well-dressed man sipping a cocktail can seem foreign to some, but to others it can produce a sense of pride.

Preserving Antique Posters

The assumption of an original poster is that it is old, and therefore will likely show some evidence of its age. Holes, yellowing, dulling, and other forms of wear can not only diminish the appearance and effect of the poster, but can decrease its value. For serious collectors, the value of their posters is highly important, which means that most put painstaking efforts into preserving the pieces. There are simple ways to protect the integrity and aesthetic of your posters. One of the most important considerations is to keep posters in an acid-free environment. This can be achieved by spraying the poster with an alkaline product then encasing it in an acid-free material. This will keep the colors, text, and paper of your poster intact.

Poster Original

Some of the most iconic images of the First and Second World Wars are the propaganda that blurred the line between promotional advertising and art.


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