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Vintage poster collections bring nostalgia to any room. Your bedroom is no exception. There really isn't any real reason to have a boring room when you can purchase a vintage poster or two or more to spruce up your room. It is important to work with a reputable dealer so that you find authentic vintage posters for your room, as these are an investment instead of being a waste of your money. Find a

Reputable Vintage Poster Dealer

A reputable vintage poster dealer will be willing to help you find the poster that is right for you. These dealers aren't interested in making a quick sale that you may not be happy with. In the vintage poster market, having a solid reputation is vital, so dealers aren't likely to want to ruin a good reputation by having an unsatisfied customer. Besides honestly trying to help you, another sign of a reputable dealer is one who is knowledgeable about vintage posters. They should be able to tell you about the posters they have for sale. Most vintage poster dealers also have at least a basic knowledge about the history of vintage posters.

Pick a Theme for Your Vintage Poster

The theme you choose should go along with or have a tie to the décor of your room. The poster or posters should also be indicative of something you enjoy. If you enjoy reading books, some old literary posters would be a good choice. If you enjoy weaponry and the military, you can use recruitment posters for wars past to decorate your room. If you enjoy the performing arts, posters of movie stars that were popular in decades past are ideal. For someone who enjoys music, posters that depict singers and musicians are ideal. You can also find some posters that show off the lifestyle of generations gone by. You can also find sports themed posters that are great if you like sports. Transportation vintage posters are great for a boy's room or for any room of someone who loves power and enjoys learning about the history of cars, trains, ships and airplanes. The possibilities are really only limited by the amount of time you are willing to invest in searching for your vintage poster.

Displaying a Vintage Poster in Your Bedroom

Because vintage posters are an investment, you must ensure that the poster is properly displayed. These aren't posters that you will want to just tape or staple to the wall. Instead, find a nice poster frame or have one custom made that complements the poster and your room décor. If you invest more than one vintage poster, you can display them in a grouping on one wall of your room to make the collection the focal point of the room. Alternatively, you can hang them all around your room as part of the décor without having to be the focal point. If you only have one poster to display, you can hang it in a prominent spot, such as over the headboard of your bed to show it off.


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