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Buying authentic vintage posters is a great investment, as well as a nice way to add some unique style to your home or office. When you are trying to decide where you will get your posters from and what posters you will purchase, there are some very important points to consider. By taking the time to consider these points before you start looking for posters, you will save yourself a lot of time and energy.

Horizontal or Vertical Posters

You have to consider the space you have available for your vintage posters. Most vintage posters were printed on vertical paper; however, you can find some printed on horizontal paper. While the actual space you have available may be able to accommodate either type, you should think about how the vintage poster will look when it is hung. If you aren't sure, get a poster board and tape it to the wall horizontally to see how it look and then turn it to the vertical position. This will help you to decide which of the layouts is better for your needs.

Pick a Theme for Your Vintage Posters

The theme for your vintage poster is partially based on what style you prefer and partially based on the overall décor of the room. You can use vintage posters as the focal point of the room or you can use them as an accent for a room. The important thing is that the posters should make you feel comfortable and at home. There are vintage posters available for almost any décor. Food item posters, such as sales posters for groceries, are a good choice for a kitchen. Posters that depict bath and hygiene items are excellent choices for a bathroom. If a poster depicts something literary, it can be used in a library. Old war recruitment posters and things of that sort, along with posters of movie and music stars are ideal for living spaces.

Choose a Reputable Dealer

When you are trying to find the vintage posters you need, don't just buy from the first dealer who shows up. Instead, do some due diligence and find out how previous customers feel about the dealer. Companies, such as Nancy Steinbock Posters, have developed an excellent reputation in the vintage poster market.

Vintage Poster

Vintage poster collections bring nostalgia to any room. Your bedroom is no exception. There really isn't any real reason to have a boring room when you can purchase a vintage poster or two or more to spruce up your room.

Posters Vintage

If you don't like to go with the flow when it comes to design, you are probably trying to figure out some way to incorporate your unique style into your home décor. If you like posters, vintage posters may be the right answer to your conundrum.


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